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Andrews Liver Salts


Andrews Liver Salts are an effervescent powder that as an antacid provides quick relief from:
• upset stomach
• indigestion
• symptoms of over indulgence
Andrews Liver Salts at a higher doses may also may relieve constipation. Please refer to the patient information leaflet or link below for further information.


Not recommended for children under 6. Do not exceed recommended daily dose. Please seek medical advice before taking if you need a laxative every- day. Andrews Liver Salts are for short term relief only. Inform your pharmacist or GP before taking if you are on a sodium-controlled diet.

How to Use

Directions for use: Adults and children over 12, add one level teaspoon of powder to a glass of water. Maximum daily dose, four times daily To relieve symptoms of constipation, take two spoonfuls before breakfast or bedtime Children aged 6 -12 years, half adult dose.