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Anusol Ointment for effective, soothing relief from haemorrhoids. It shrinks the piles, soothes the itch and soothes raw areas, reducing swelling, preventing bacterial growth and promoting healing.


Anusol Ointment gives effective, soothing relief when haemorrhoids appear. It shrinks the piles, soothes the itch and relieves any pain and discomfort you may be feeling.

It will soothe raw areas, reduce swelling, prevent bacterial growth and promote healing. It gives the extra protection required for dry, sore skin.


How to Use

Adults and children over 12: Apply morning and night-time and after any bowel movement. Use the rectal nozzle provided if treating internal symptoms.

A healthy diet and lifestyle can keep your bowels working regularly and prevent constipation. Some things to include are high fibre options like brown rice, wholemeal bread and whole-wheat pasta, fresh fruit and vegetables, salads and increase your water intake. Things to cut back on or avoid are excess salty, sugary or fatty foods that dehydrate you and slow down your digestion, reduce tea, coffee and alcohol intake.

When you are going to the toilet avoid straining and lean forward from the hips to relieve the pressure on the blood vessels in and around the back passage.