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Benylin Cough Medicine is a medicine which is used to relieve coughing and for the relief of allergic conditions and reactions. The liquid contains diphenhydramine which is an antihistamine that helps relieve coughing and dry secretions in the nose and chest and levomenthol which helps you breathe more easily by relieving congestion.

The medicine is for use in adults and children aged 12 years and over.

This medicine is suitable for most people but a few people should not use it. If you are in any doubt, talk to your doctor or pharmacist.

Children under 12 years: Not recommended for children under 12 years old.

Adults: Take one or two 5 ml spoonfuls three or four times a day.

Children over 12 years: Take one or two 5 ml spoonfuls three or four times a day.

If symptoms persist, talk to your doctor or pharmacist.



This medicine contains sucrose and liquid glucose. If you have been told by your doctor that you have an intolerance to some sugars contact your doctor before taking this medicinal product. Contains 3.5 g glucose per 5 ml. This should be taken into account in patients with diabetes mellitus.

Contains: 5 vol % ethanol (alcohol), i.e. up to 200 mg per dose, equivalent to 5 ml beer, 2 ml wine per 5 ml. Harmful for those suffering from alcoholism. To be taken into account in pregnant or breast-feeding women, children and high-risk groups such as patients with liver disease or epilepsy.

Ponceau 4R (E124) may cause allergic reactions. These reactions are more common in people who are allergic to aspirin.

Contains 16.61 mg sodium per 5 ml. To be taken in consideration by patients on a controlled sodium diet.