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Travel Pops settles the tummy during travel – helping to ensure a trouble free journey! Unsettled tummies can spoil any journey and often the best answer is simply to stop and get off! That isn’t always possible though so fortunately CaldeKids are launching a fantastic product for all young travellers ‘Travel Pops’. Travel Pops come in the form of a tasty apple flavoured lollipop that contains two natural extracts which have a positive effect on the digestive system. Unsettled tummies can happen from any kind of movement — even movement that you are anticipating. People tend to get unsettled tummies on a moving boat, train, airplane or car. It usually stops as soon as the motion stops. With healthy ginger extracts, CaldeKids Travel Pops help settle little tummies during travel partnered with Peppermint extract that regulates digestion, together, they promise a smooth journey for young travellers. CaldeKids advises that you ensure your child takes Travel Pops approximately 30 minutes before travelling. Kelley Treanor, Brand Manager, ClonMedica said of the new addition to the CaldeKids product range “CaldeKids are delighted to add Travel Pops to our range as they are a unique way of settling children’s tummies during travel. By taking just 30 minutes before travel they will help to settle your little ones tummies. An unsettled stomach happens when the body, the inner ear, and the eyes send conflicting signals to the brain. This most often happens when you are in a car, boat, or airplane. From inside a ship’s cabin, your inner ear may sense rolling motions that your eyes cannot see. On the other hand, your eyes may see movement on a “virtual reality” ride that your body does not feel.