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Bacterial vaginosis or vaginal bacteriosis is a common vaginal infection often experienced by women of childbearing age (women approx. aged 15-45). BV is not considered an STI however people who have it and go untreated can risk their chances of developing an STI if left untreated. Vaginal bacteriosis symptoms can include itching, vaginal discomfort and sometimes a discharge that is grey may appear.


Canesbalance helps to regulate the pH balance of the vagina which will effectively remove the unpleasant odour and abnormal discharge. Canesbalance restricts the growth of bad bacteria as to let the body repair. This product contains glycogen which provides nutrients to lactic acid bacteria within the body and supports their growth. Canesbalance is delivered via single pre-filled tube applicators to be used daily. This product is safe to use during pregnancy and menstruation. .
Use one tube of product each day for 7 consecutive days unless advised to stop treatment. Twist off the end tab of the product and gently insert into the vagina as far as it will comfortably go. Gently squeeze to release the contents of the tube. It is best to do this while lying down or leaning back. This product may have some leakage so it is advised to use before bed..