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Heat Therapy is widely recognised as a powerful tool in easing muscle pain and stiffness. Deep Heat Large patches give long-lasting, odourless, drug-free, warming pain relief throughout the day.

Highly recommended for muscle pain, strains and joint stiffness. The large patches are ideal for areas like back, hip, thigh, neck and shoulder pain. 

Smaller patch size also available for other areas.

Apply patch directly over affected area. Patch is activated within 1 minute of exposure to the air and active after 5 minutes, heat relief lasts up to 8 hours per patch.

Do not use with medicated patches, on broken  skin or the face. Never use when asleep or on infants, children or people unable to remove the patch on their own.

For those with very delicate or aging skin, apply the adhesive side to clothing opposite the treatment area to avoid direct contact.