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Dulcosoft Macrogol 4000 Solution to relieve the discomfort of constipation by treating the symptoms of constipation and soften hard stools.


Relieve the discomfort of constipation with Dulcosoft Oral Solution. Containing Macrogol 4000, it will treat the symptoms of constipation and soften hard stools. It has a neutral taste so can be added to water, fruit juice, tea or other liquids.


Sugar-free, Gluten-free and suitable for low sodium diets.

How to Use

Use the measuring cup provided. It can be taken daily or every other day until the desired results are achieved. The correct dose is the one that produces soft, regular stools so the dose can be adjusted to your individual needs.

Adults and children over 8 years: 20-40mls daily

Children 4-7 years: 16-32mls daily

Children 2-3 years: 8-16mls daily

Children under 8, pregnant or breast-feeding mothers should have treatment recommended by a G.P.