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Developed and recommended by podiatrists the Epitact Rigid Bunion Corrector when worn at night will help to realign your toe, and slow the progression of the hallux valgus. It supports and protects your toe at night, to ease pressure and discomfort and reduce painful contact with the mattress and bedsheets.

The corrector has a heat moulded reinforcement that corrects the big toe and a hollow over the bunion reduces pressure and friction.

Do not use this brace if you can no longer move your big toe laterally.

To Measure: measure the circumference of your foot under the bunion, always choose the smaller size if between two sizes when you measure.

Small if greater than 20cm but less than 21.5cm

Medium if greater than 21.5cm but less than 23cm

Large if greater than 23cm but less than 24.5cm