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Olia hair colours are permanent, with full grey coverage and 60% oils.

Always perform an allergy alert test 48h before use.

Hair Colouring Step by Step

Use Olia if you have never coloured your hair, want to change your current hair colour or have not coloured in 3 months or longer.  Apply on dry and unwashed hair.

1. Pour the entire contents of the developer cream into the Olia jar. 

2. Add the colourant cream into the Olia jar. 

Shake the bottle & break off the tip

3. Close the lid on the applicator bottle and shake it to obtain a completely even mixture.

4. Break off the tip of the applicator bottle immediately to avoid the bottle bursting and damage from the product overflowing. 

If you have lots of greys ensure that you start from the front and continue from the roots using the bottle to separate hair section by section. Otherwise, apply the product from the roots, section by section. 

5. Start applying to the roots.

6. Use the bottle to separate the hair section by section.

Continue to apply and massage in

7. Using the remaining product, apply throughout the lengths and ends. If any product gets on your skin wipe away with a damp towel as soon as possible to avoid staining. 

8. Massage the product well into the hair to ensure that the colour is evenly distributed. 

Leave to develop for the time indicated on the instruction leaflet depending on what your needs are.

9. Keeping your gloves on, massage your hair thoroughly to emulsify the colourant and make rinsing easier then add a small amount of water to your hair and massage again. Rinse thoroughly until the water runs clear. Pay particular attention to your hairline and behind your ears, as these areas can be prone to staining.

10. Apply the conditioner and leave in for at least 2 minutes, then rinse again. Keep your Silk & Shine multi-application and conditioner to use with future shampoos.

Admire your handy-work!