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Please note these are shipped in singles Glycerol suppositories act as a stimulant laxative for the short term treatment of constipation and emptying of the bowels.

1g for Infants

2g for Children

Moisten the tip of the suppository to aid insertion. Lie on your left side (if you are right-handed) and draw your knees up to your chest, with your right leg drawn up more than the left.

With your index finger or middle finger, push the suppository gently into the rectum, in as far as possible, with the end of the suppository pushed sideways to make contact with the bowel wall.

Then, lower your legs to a comfortable position to help hold the suppository in place and retain in there for 15-20 minutes if possible.

Note: If you feel the suppository must come out, it hasn’t been inserted high enough. You may feel an immediate urge to go to the toilet, ignore this if you can, as the suppository takes at least 15 minutes to work