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HYLO-DUAL 10 ml Eye Drops

These URSAPHARM eye drops are free from preservatives and phosphates. The formula of HYLO-DUAL drops is ideal for whoever suffers from extremely dry eyes, seasonal and environmental allergies and for those with sensitive eyes.

HYLO-DUAL’s components

HYLO-DUAL features the addition of hyaluronic acid (sodium hyaluronate) and ectoine.

Ectoine does a great job at stabilizing the lipid layer of the tear film. This ensures a smooth optical surface for the cornea, prevents the eye from drying out and prevents excessive tear evaporation. Ectoine also has a soothing and anti-inflammatory effect.

Sodium hyaluronate is naturally present in the human body as a lubricant with healing properties. It helps moisturize the eyes and will increase comfort while wearing contact lenses.


Apply 1 drop in each eye, 3 times per day, and you’ll notice that the drops will provide quick relief from irritation and discomfort. Of course, in case you suffer from severe problems or allergies, consult your eye care specialist or doctor and follow their instructions.


Free from preservatives and phosphates

HYLO-DUAL eye drops are perfect for sensitive eyes, since they do not contain any preservatives and phosphates. These substances are used to prevent the risk of contamination. However, HYLO-DUAL drops are equipped with the patented COMOD® dispensing system, which offers germ-free delivery without preservatives. With its sophisticated air routing and a special pump, the system ensures that the eye drop solution does not come into contact with the surrounding air at any time. Therefore, bacteria and fungal spores cannot get into the bottle.

HYLO-DUAL drops are perfectly suited for use while wearing contact lenses.

You can use these drops for up to 6 months after opening.