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Lamisil Once, a single dose treatment for athlete's foot in adults.


Lamisil Once contains Terbinafine 1%. Apply Lamisil Once as a single dose treatment for athlete's foot in adults. When applied, it forms a colourless film and stays on the skin, delivering the active anti fungal to the affected areas.

Athlete's foot appears only on the feet. It starts between the toes but can spread to the soles and the sides of the feet. It can crack the skin or cause scaling. It may also lead to mild swelling, blisters or weeping sores, giving rise to an itching, burning sensation.

Children and adolescents under 18 should not use Lamisil Once.


Contains Terbinafine 1%

How to Use

Wash and dry feet well before applying. Apply to both feet. Use half a tube per foot. Apply using your fingers, spread cream between, under and over all the toes, then apply to the sole and sides of your foot. Do not rub or massage in, allow to dry to a film. Do not wash or splash your feet for 24 hours after application.

Both feet must be treated, even if one foot only has symptoms of the infection. Wash feet regularly after the first 24 hours and dry completely.