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This handy addition to the Nurofen range is suitable from 7 years of age. They are easy to chew and there is no need for water so great for travel. Nurofen Chewables can be used to treat headaches, high temperatures and cold and flu symptoms, aswell as sore throats, toothache, earache and other minor aches and pains. The capsules should be chewed before swallowing to achieve maximum results.


Age 7-9: Chew two capsules every 6-8 hours, or six in 24 hours.

Age 10-12: Chew three capsules every 6-8 hours or nine in 24 hours.

Avoid if allergic to Ibuprofen, Aspirin or other non-steroidal anti-inflammatories.

Avoid if you have or had two or more episodes of stomach ulcer, bleeding or perforation.

Avoid if you are taking other NSAID medication or a dose of aspirin over 75mg daily.

Caution use in asthmatics, diabetics, or if you have high blood pressure, had a stroke or heart, liver, kidney or bowel problems.