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Paralink suppositories contain the active ingredient paracetamol, which is safe on tummy's and suitable day or night. Paralink Paracetamol Suppositories is a gentle pain reliever and can reduce high temperatures (fever). It provides effective relief of fever and pain associated with colds and flu, headaches, rheumatism and teething

Paralink Suppositories may also be used where Paracetamol cannot be taken orally e.g. after an operation or if your baby or child is feeling or being sick. They are quick acting and easy to administer.

Suitable from 3 months to 6 years.

Dosage / Instructions for use

For rectal use only
3 months - 1 year (5 - 10kg): ½ Suppository
1 - 3 years (10 - 15kg): 1 Suppository
3 - 6 years (15 - 20kg): 1½ Suppositories

Dose may be repeated 6 hourly as necessary or as directed by the physician.